Gift #42 – Heart Grows Bigger

Finally felted!

A gift for Jay Oatway was a big deal for – we are small [sweet] potatoes in the social media garden! Jay has written a book on how to be a Community Leader with Social Media (and that is cool).

My Heart grows Bigger
My Heart grows with Garden of Lovely

I’m busy doing the hands-on work of building relationships and creating interaction, but Jay is the thinker and philosopher defining it all. As per usual, I am defined by someone greater than I. Okay, maybe this is the two glass of Rose from Pastis talking now…

Although I’ve made Jay a bit embarassed and flabbergasted at times a.k.a. my three words at the last HK Social meeting (felt, and up and you), this was a gift from the heart for Mr. Oatway.

A Heart-FELT gift for Mr. Jay Oatway – SM Guru

Kudos for teaching people to use social media for social good!


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