Gift of Tennis


This year I’ve taken up tennis. I love it. Ever since my HS crush RG revealed his powerful forearms in his polo t-shirt I have loved tennis.

I used to hit the ball around the public courts in Toronto with friends and my dad a few times. I played with my dad’s wooden racket and then had a cheap aluminum one for a spell. I got really good playing against the wall. But, I’d never had a real lesson.

My coach, Larry taught me to play. I enjoyed meeting other sporty types in HK too. So, to thank the Larster:



Peter’s Gift – Gift #50

Hubby and I were invited to and attended our first real Junk Boat Party a few weeks ago. A real tradition here in Hong Kong!

This was a lovely cool evening of cruising around the Harbour. We stopped while we ate a scrumptious Chinese Buffet.

My sea legs were a bit extra wobbly during the sailing from all the celebratory WINE.

In honour of Peter and his work with BASF (yes, the tape cassette people!) on creating environmentally-friendly water-based adhesives, I created a paisley (water-drop) badge.

This badge empowers the wearer to become aware of ways to increase the sustainability of plastics and polymers.

Thanks to Peter – birthday boy and Aleida (wife of Peter) for invited us out to this fabulous evening.

Wizardry Makes Dreams a Reality – #54

Today I spent the morning with a TOUGH audience of AWA members: these high-powered, educated and experienced women are all entering the workplace in Asia – look out Hong Kong!

I taught the group my copyrighted “three (+1) easy steps” to creating a memorable 60-second (slow elevator) speech. Spoiler alert: set your goal; find a problem; offer your solution & create a catchy logo for yourself. Today mine was,

Careful what you wish for, Wizard Katherine just might make your dreams a reality!

As many of us are new to Hong Kong, it is an opportunity to re-create and re-define who we want to be in the world – awesome! So why not make someone you’ve always wanted to be?

My fellow AWA member, Nicky Cooper was the super-bravest of the group & presented her 60 seconds to the whole group! Nicky has her own business bringing clarity to the women of Hong Kong. As a career coach, Nicky supports her clients to connect with their life goals quickly and with laughter!

You can Quickly achieve Clarity with Cooper!

Movember Gift for Billie – Gift #52

After a fabulouso night out on a junk trip for Peter’s 50th Birthday, we went toBlackBird for a nite-cap. There we many beautiful people and lovely flowers there, like this one:

I gave this to Billie and he gave me this funky sticker; turn head to right to see it better!

Go Team Mustard!!!

While chatting away we started up a conversation with our neighbour at the table. Billie is a film-maker, however, most recently he is into growing things:

facial hair! Movember is a truly growing movement to raise awareness of prostate & testicular cancer.

Go Team Mustard – only three days left to grow!!!


I personally do appreciate a moustache – do you?

Gift #46 – Pupil for the EYES of Hong Kong

Richard is a guy who has his eye on the action-spots in Hong Kong. His “networker” & “linker” nature makes him a real-kindred spirit. Richard has his “eyes” on the action:

Eyes on Hong Kong

The new Localiiz website is bringing Hong Kong closer together as a directory of the funky and forward-thinking, innovative businesses in our fair city. Ohh, and the website is smokin’!

Bringing us all Closer together

Gift #47 – Apple of my Eye – part I

I always find myself back at PURE Dining in Hong Kong. For #twitterfeeding during social media our lunch was held at PURE. One o the staff is always there, always on top of things, and always kind.

Here he is, the apple of SOHO-


People like this who love their jobs and so care and compassion for others make our world a better place! Thank You & youareloved!